Wall Décor Ideas

wall decor

The interior walls of the house, when decorated right, can add freshness to space. It can add color, class, elegance, and also make your home unique. This is your chance to personalize your home even more. Show off your style and your preferences. Here we are top tips to help you decorate the walls and add style to your home.

1. Large-Scale Art: You can set the tone in a small space by adding an oversized painting to the walls. The picture can be anything black-and-white to a colored one.

2. Gallery Wall: Adding a collection of art of photographs taking on different places can make the entire space vibrant. Extend the gallery wall to the ceiling for creating an illusion of a large area.

3. Accent Wall: If you are good at painting, try adding vibrant colors to the wall. You can use anything from stencils to decorative paint techniques and add a new style to space.

4. Hang Fabric: Frame vintage scarves and beautiful textiles to the wall for a fantastic effect. Hanging fabric is a lot easier when it comes to redecorating the house as they can be easily put out.

5. Add Mirrors to the Walls: Mirrors are ageless décor pieces. They can add light and space to a small room.

6. Wall Mural: Mural is a beautiful painting that can also be considered as accent walls to decorate your home. You can add a mural to the wall matching your lifestyle.

7. Hang Plates: If you have beautiful china plates, why keep them in the closet when you can hang them on the wall. Chine plates can add an elegant and classy look to space.

8. Hang Plants: You can mount plants on the wall to add a bit of nature to the area.

9. Add Whiteboard: If you have friends coming in and staying at your home, adding a large whiteboard can make it a difference. You can write down notes for your friend to read when you are away. Write down anything from the menu for dinner to a joke.

10. Hang Baskets: Baskets can liven up space. Add an assortment of baskets in different shapes, colors, and sizes.