Cleaning Air Conditioners

cleaning air conditioners

Air conditioners work effectively with dustproof condenser coils and cooling fins. At the onset of summer, many families hire professionals to have their respective ACs cleaned and prepared for the season. Doing it yourself, you can save money as well as understand your AC better. So, we have gathered some crucial points for you to clean the ACs by yourself this summer.

  1. Getting Started: The first thing you need to do is remove the plastic filter trim panel. It is easy to remove. Remove the plastic filters from the sides of the AC as well.
  2. Vacuum Coils: before going into deep cleaning, vacuum the visible buildup from the coils.  
  3. Apply Foam Cleaner: Take two cans of coil cleaners. Shoot the spray over the surface of the coils and let the foal sit for a while. Rub off heavy buildup using a nylon-bristle brush
  4. Service the Fan Motor: While the foam does its job, clean the fan blades with a rag and household cleaner. You can use electric motor oil for grease, the cleaned fans.
  5. Wash the Air Filters: It is the final stage of the entire cleaning process. Wash the air filters and the coils thoroughly with a damp rag.

The entire AC unit is now ready. Have it reinstalled and press the power button to check the effectiveness of the AC. You will be surprised to see how quickly the neat and clean AC cools the room. While cleaning the AC, do look for any electric damages so as to call upon an expert to do the job. Any electric defect can be treated at this time to ensure the effective working of the AC in the long run. A properly maintained and cleaned AC lasts for years.  

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