Accent Walls to Decorate Your Home

accent walls

What are accent walls? Imagine this – a home with clean white walls all over has one wall section decorated with luxurious dark bricks. Wouldn’t that be a great decoration that would breathe life into an otherwise dull wall of all white? Accent walls to decorate homes are now very popular among homeowners. Whether you have a big or small house, these walls would look amazing when planned properly and placed perfectly.

Accent walls are not always bricks. They’re basically one wall area that’s different from the rest. It could be that you painted that wall in a different color or you used a different material to accentuate that wall. Many times, we’ve seen homeowners using their accent wall as an area that uses customized paint features. It doesn’t have to be just one solid color.

Also popular among homeowners are accent walls that are adorned with hanging decorations, picture frames, and more. We’ve also seen some that place their TV against their accent wall.

Simplicity is always a good thing, yes. But there are so many opportunities to decorate homes with something as simple as an accent wall and it wouldn’t be that simple anymore. Once again, those plain white walls look fine and many would prefer having them that way. But one section of the wall accentuated with a unique material or paint color or design would make a huge difference.

Making an accent wall can be done after you build your home. Although you can always ask your builder about it so that the wall is ready when you move in. But you can turn this into a DIY project that you and your family can spend time to bond. Even a large accent wall can be decorated and completed within a day. Do a quick search online on home decorations and accent walls in particular and we’re pretty sure that you’ll find something that will inspire you.